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Setting the table of thanksgiving

Many of us love the idea of a list of things that we can follow. Whether it’s the grocery list in aisle order or the tasks of the day, we like a map to follow. Some of us relish in the idea of checking things off.

As it is close to the Thanksgiving season, thoughts of tables of well presented food, centerpieces and providing hospitality come to mind. BUT also are the various obligations, innuendo’s and difficult conversations that we don’t want to oblige.

So here is a list of don’ts followed by the list of do’s.


  • Lose sight of the goal…is it hospitality, love, great food?

  • Use the holiday as a way to state your agenda….whether it religious, political or your recent descent into Whole 30;

  • Expect to have an argument with uncle so and so…you know how he is

  • Forget what the reason is for this event- keep it at the forefront

  • Assume that you can control other’s thoughts or words. When we assume it makes an……….you know the rest.

  • Eat or drink too much, never a good idea.


  • Make your home as warm and inviting as you can within reason and your budget;

  • Consider if others have food preferences or allergies; find out ahead;

  • Be an exemplary guest if you are travelling elsewhere;

  • Be Thankful…. After all it’s in the title;

  • Set aside your particular take on the president, the pope, the people who get under your skin;

  • Seek to understand as a way to bridge a gap not to fuel an argument;

  • Figure out what your triggers are and take care of them before the visit begins;

  • Love the people you are with, warts and all.


I will praise the name of God with song. And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.

~Psalm 69:30