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The beginning is always NOW ~ Roy Bennett

Until, Then, When, If only, I regret, Next time, In the good old days, When I was a kid.

What do all of these phrases or words suggest? What is missing from this grouping?

I heard it said recently that most of us live in the past or in the future; few of us live in today.

Most of us have heard the phrase “one day at a time”… mostly associated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any one of the 12 step programs.  There is such wisdom in this practice

And yet, there is something so hopeful about thinking of tomorrow, until when, then…..

We presume we have tomorrow.

There is nothing wrong with planning in fact a good future plan is so beneficial for family and friends when you are dead and buried and they are left behind. A plan is great since it provides a road map unless the planner is so focused on the map that they miss the scenery going by…

And then there are  the ‘if only’  among us.. as if we could change what has already happened, say it differently, look different, appreciate more, bask in the friends around us, make it last.

I believe many of us harken back to the past because we now see it with such a fresh perspective; we appreciate it more now since we didn’t know how great it was then.That incredible group of co-workers, the babies who wake up too early, the start of the school year, the crazy college friends, the young moms group, the feeling of being known by fellow travelers during our particular phase of life.

We all know, at least in theory, that time passes, memories fade, friendships evolve or dissolve, kids grow up and we age. And yet when the next great season comes along we don’t know we are in it; we look to the past to wonder about then, we look to tomorrow in hopes that this phase lasts forever (or plead that it be over quickly, please.)

There is so little NOW.

What would it mean if each day was met with NOW what?

I have always loved the phrase “ If not now, when, If not me, who? And I cannot get clear who originally stated it.

So Now might mean, starting the project that you have been putting off. It might mean putting aside the family feud of generations past to look at, speak to and seek to understand that difficult relative. It might mean planning that vacation, inviting that person over, doing it. It might mean that we realize our time is short, we have today and today only.

It might mean keeping all thoughts of regret and visions of tomorrow at bay. I hope it means basking in the truth of today. At least in my neck of the woods, it is a beautiful sunny day, there are green growing things all around, it is a day of quiet and rest and despite all that is going to happen tomorrow or whatever went on yesterday, I am here, now.

Make it a great today.