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Eating more fruit

As summer vacation is near and some of us have more unstructured time with our children....

Imagine for a moment --you know that you have warned, cajoled, urged, nagged and did all you could to make her/him clean up the mess that is their room.

You have even gone so far as cleaning it yourself. Yet the next time you look in, it is horrible, again. Clothes everywhere, papers throughout, wet towels on the floor, new items thrown in the corner.

You think.....How could s/he treat her stuff like this, How can s/he disrespect me like this,( an assumption that may be flawed) how can s/he live like this in our home, what will s/he be like when she is away at school,( getting ahead of yourself perhaps) will s/he ever learn to keep house, ( slow down) etc., etc....

Self Control, one of the fruits of the Spirit....this is a hard one. As we all know our children are always learning from us, our words,our actions, our silences... all convey something about who we are and trust me our children are listening. I will repeat that...

What we do, what we say, what we leave out all convey who

we are...

We try to teach self control to our children and some of us fail at it because we never learned it our selves. What does it mean to demonstrate self control?

Emotion regulation refers to a person’s ability to understand and accept his or her emotional experience, to engage in healthy strategies to manage uncomfortable emotions when necessary, and to engage in appropriate behavior (e.g., attend classes, go to work, engage in social relationships) when distressed. If learned, kids grow up learning how to navigate their own feelings, they do better in relationships, they don’t adopt coping strategies that mask their feelings, they are emotionally intelligent.

So mothers and fathers of this summer, don't lose your mind over the mess, don't freak out over the lack of action, don't lose sight of what is at hand.

These children are precious and a gift. They are in your day to day life briefly and if all goes well will launch in no time at all.

Enjoy them. Eat more fruit.