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Staying in my lane

Clearly the title is a reference to driving the freeways in and around Southern California. Yet it can also be applied to our daily lives outside of our homes and cars.

What does it mean to stay in one’s lane?

Those of us old enough to remember the phrase “mind your ‘p’s and q’s” know that we were not to put our nose into others affairs.

With social media and perceived invitations to comment, approve, dislike or totally dismantle another’s post, the idea of staying in our lane has gotten unclear.

Here are a few ideas that I find helpful in keeping out of what is not mine to manage:

  • Others are entitled to their opinion even when it is in opposition to mine.

  • I don’t have to dislike or hate another for their opposing view so therefore I don’t need to be hateful;

  • Always consider the source of the material you read, believe and disagree with. It may not be credible;

  • Figure out what your sources of truth are;

  • Avoid triangles; don’t go to her to ask about him and hope she tells him. Junior High School was many years ago;

  • Don’t let anyone else be the expert on you. What they think about you can be too powerful if you don’t know what you stand for;

  • The audience of one: I have a dear friend who lives by the notion that she lives to please the audience of one; God Himself.

  • We cannot please all the people all the time; Let your standard be what you can live with.

  • Determine the inner circle you stand in; does it include everyone you have ever known or does it include the folks who know you well, whom you trust, who know your inner self.

  • If you are in need of a reality check, let that inner circle in; bounce ideas, thoughts and impressions off of them.

  • Keep your judgements to yourself.