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Our lives are not our own…. I am reminded of this when I attend a funeral for a very young woman who leaves two young adult children; or a colleague who leaves a grieving wife and many clients who came to appreciate his calm and wise demeanor.

We all know that life is short and yet it takes tragedy and sadness to be reminded.

And yet I can let the foolishness of a messy house, a computer that confounds me, a plan that goes awry cause me to forget about my very short life and instead focus on the frustration of the moment.

How do I practice the daily ritual of gratitude?

How do I remain expectant and not despairing?

How do I seek God’s goodness every day?

I have heard it said that we see what we choose to see. All around us are situations that need fixing, people who are broken, children who are forgotten, folks stuck in their own dismay that they can’t see their way clear.

What do I look for? What do I see? How do I practice expectancy?

In case any who are reading think this is an easy task, it is not.

And if you did not happen to be fortunate enough to get these life lessons handed to you, do not despair.

It is never too late to start practicing.

If you are used to looking at the dirt, look up and notice the light.

If you are expecting life to rain on you today, think ahead and take cover. If you believe that you are the sum total of your bad childhood, lousy parenting or stupid choices, tomorrow is another day.

Despite what you may read in the news or see on TV, God is good and if you look there are examples of His goodness all around you. Make it a habit to look for it.. every day.

And never forget to thank God for the gift of life you have been given.

It is short.