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Andrew Smith, M.A., AMFT*

On any given day, I am extremely grateful for the work I am afforded to do and for the people I meet.

One of those people is Andrew Smith. At the time he was still a student at Pepperdine, looking for a traineeship that would afford him the hours he needed to complete his degree and move on to associate status.

I hired him and he continues to work for me years later.

To quote him: I believe everyone has a story that is effected by our experiences and systems. I see mental and spiritual health as an essential part of living life to the fullest. The goal in therapy is to make improvements to the self through increased self-awareness. Sometimes our behaviors and ways of understanding the world are skewed by misunderstanding parts of ourself and our story, this negatively impacts life’s struggles."

Andy believes in treating the whole person focusing on spiritual, physical, and emotional techniques to create new ways of living.

While living out Christ’s redeeming impact in his own life, he works with a diverse client population and respects their individual beliefs.

Over these few years, Andrew has worked diligently to pursue the requirements put forth by the Board of Behavioral Science, the licensing board for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. He is almost to the finish line!

I have seen him grow into a confident therapist who has a particular gift for working with men, young and not so young, who are struggling with molestation as children, depression and anxiety. He is also seen as a resource for many of the pastors and youth pastors in the area.

Please consider giving him a call if you are needing a strong and capable therapist to guide you on your journey of self discovery. He can be reached at 805 419 0156.

*AMFT stands for Associate Marriage and Family Therapist