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Feeding the birds

We have a bird. Actually our back yard has a bird. He comes over about twice a day to visit his friend, his likeness in a silver trashcan that sits on the back porch.

At first we thought some repairmen were outside banging on the gutters. He makes quite a racket and he doth persist.

Banging on the metal can every day, twice a day, for what end? He doesn’t want to be photographed since he flies away when spotted.

I have heard it said that fish have a 7 second memory- not sure about this bird.

Does he think maybe he will come to know this blurry version one day?

Is it new every morning?

But he visits twice a day. All alone, when the finches aren’t present.

You may think I am a bird lady- definitely not. The sum total of my knowledge of birds is written above. My mother in law was a birder and hence so are her children and at least one of my daughters. All the little birds all look the same unless there is a striking difference in color. I can spot a dreaded crow but that is about it. We believe, David, the pecker, is a towhee.

So we feed the birds in the back yard. It is a great reminder of what is good and right in the world. I reflect on my worries and realize they are foolish, most of the time yet I am not quite ready to give them up.

Back to the banging bird. If his quest is foolish and he will not meet his friend or come to understand what he is doing, is there a lesson in this for me, for us?

How many times a day do I persist on something that will give no result?

How many times do I re visit yesterday’s worry, annoyance, conversation?

How many times do I forget that today is a new day, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed?

We can always learn new things about ourselves, even if it is from the birds.