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Give Thanks

In this season of Thanksgiving we put an amazing amount of pressure on us and our families to have it look a certain way, feel a certain way, make up for lost years, have it be the best ever..

It's too much.

As we look ahead to a Thanksgiving feast, let us be mindful of what we can feel grateful for. Gratitude is a habit, a practice, one, if cultivated early, is a life long companion.

No matter our struggles or our pain, gratitude can walk alongside. Sometimes it means we have to dig very deep to find a "thanks" in the midst of the difficult. Dig deep.

Help your children learn how to be grateful, practice gratitude in front of them, say aloud what blessings you have.

Our children are a mirror and sometimes what we reflect isn't pretty. Do better. Be grateful.

Here is a nightly ritual that helps conversation, connection and family togetherness.

Have each person go around the table and state:

~1 hard thing from the day

~1 great thing from the day

~1 hope for tomorrow.

Mom and Dad, offer no corrections, no put downs. It's a window into your child's world. Offer empathy, encouragement, understanding.

When we ask how was school today and they answer " fine"

we have learned nothing.

May you have a grateful Thanksgiving time.

See below a list of other questions that can help you and your family be connected.