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Time for change..

The more a child can predict and participate in the schedule and activities of the day, the less likely it is that challenging behavior will occur and the more likely it is that s/he will eagerly engage in transitions to new people and places.

  • Taking the time and making the effort to teach her what to expect, when it will happen, and what happens before the transition occurs can be a rewarding experience. This is Mapping.

  • Mapping leads to smoother transitions.

  • Talk through the activities of the day,

  • Express feeling words that might reflect what is going on with your child who is:

  1. reluctant to leave;

  2. hesitant to get out of the car;

  3. clutching your leg on the way out,

  4. running away from you when you are ready to go;

  5. turning the tv off;

  6. moving from tv to bed time;

  7. try not to get angry over tough transitions;

Most importantly, it is also an opportunity for quality time that help

Try to make enough time so that you are not stressed or in a hurry;

Keep in mind that your little people are enjoying what they are doing and not always clear how they can stop the thing they are doing to move to the next thing.